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Friday 27 October 2017

Get To Know About Armenia

Get To Know About Armenia

Indeed, even no one knows nothing about this nation not even that it exists I had an opportunity to visit it because of Erasmus+ venture with Armenians. This nation is situated in the Caucasus in Southwest Asia and the capital city Yerevan is situated around 12 kilometers from Turkey. To start with thing that I might want to say is that there were parcel of things that I was astonished practically stunned in light of the fact that there is a vastly different culture than I expected, yet part of these things which astounded me I consider for regular sings of Armenia.

I've just said that I arrived through Erasmus+ venture so nearly everything was paid for me. Like nourishment, settlement and transport. Be that as it may, in the event that you might want to visit this nation, just costly thing what you will pay for will be a ticket which costs around 450 Euros from Czech Republic, at that point when you get to Armenia you will pay like nothing to everything on the grounds that in Armenia there is everything modest. I would state that the costs are three or four times lower than anyplace in Europe.


Amazing People

Next thing truth what I found here is that everyone in this nation is so much adoring, kind and neighborly. Whatever you have to inquire as to whether you require an assistance, even they don't comprehend you they endeavor to help you by one means or another. Armenians are extraordinarily glad and cordial country. Despite the fact that they have nothing they would do anything for the visit. So on the off chance that you intend to visit Armenia you don't should fear anything, additionally I might want to accentuate bumming a ride. One day we were isolated into little gatherings and our objective was to get to a concurred place and we needed to catch a ride. To be completely forthright, in the asking I was apprehensive in light of the fact that I didn't have any encounters with catching a ride in the Czech Republic and not even anyplace in Europe. In any case, when we began with bumming a ride my feelings of trepidation vanished. Amid our outing we diminished seven very surprising autos. We passed by lavish auto, conveyance truck and by some auto for creatures. It was fun and for me it was an ideal ordeal to take a stab at something new. In any case, in the event that we would discuss ladies in this nation it may be very long dis. I feel that ladies here have no rights and their feelings are not regarded. As indicated by the Armenians ladies should remain home and deal with the family unit. However in regards to affability there is no issue on the grounds that the men are exceptionally considerate and attentive.

Amazing Food

How about we begin with nourishment which everyone cherishes. On the off chance that you will be in Armenia don't set out to not to attempt Lavash. It is lightweight thin bread that helps me to remember tortillas. Me and my companions we made a fun all the time that they have a control which is: "No existence without lavash." Everywhere in Armenia individuals eat this "bread" ordinary to everything with everything. They have it notwithstanding for breakfast, lunch and furthermore for supper. I feel that there wasn't a situation when some individual wouldn't eat lavash. Likewise they drink here a "kompot" which is sweet drink for the most part made of apricot with a considerable measure of sugar.

Places To Visit

Presently, we should move to sights and amazing perspectives from mountains. In Armenia I had an extraordinary chance to visit two distinct urban communities, Yerevan and Dilijan.

Dillijan is encompassed by mountains and slopes. Close to this city are wonderful religious communities Goshavank and Haghartsin where you can discover normal Armenian engineering. When I was at Goshavank I climbed the slope beside it and the view from the best was superb. I could see just mountains and slopes with stones and trees. It was an ideal scene of a magnificent sort. Additionally I could simply remain there and inhale a spotless air. The inclination right now was unbelievable.

Additionally I might want to specify Lake Sevan, which is a mountain found around 40 kilometers from Dilijan. It is so dazzling spot. In the event that you will achieve a little slope where is found the Monastery Sevanavank you will se the entire lake around.

While I climbed the slopes and see the mountains, in Yerevan I found the city. I went to Opera, Republic square, Victory stop and I saw moving wellsprings around evening time. My best involvement in Yerevan was the visit of Cascade. The Cascade is a mammoth stairway which is brimming with expressions. There are wellsprings and models in entire zone of this landmark. On the off chance that you climb the Cascade you won't see simply entire city with the landmarks and sights yet in addition a mountain Ararat which is the most noteworthy mountain in the domain of Turkey, however all through the world is thought to be an indication of Armenia.

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